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4 Reasons Why You Can Still Consider Starting A Podcast For Your Business

Updated: Feb 8

Here is a quick note why you should start a podcast even if your content with your clientele and business performance.

Podcasting & Business

Independent consultants and coaches who are investing their own time and availability with their clients have limited bandwidth. At any given point in time, there are only a certain number of clients they can serve. So, it’s quite likely, that at the moment, you are not looking to get new clients through podcasting.

First off, congratulations on having built such a business where you are not on the lookout for ‘More’. It takes time and persistence to reach such a point and it’s great you are here.

So apart from the more obvious reasons like Amplifying your brand, Generating leads, Engaging the target audience and Sharing Knowledge, here are the top 4 reasons you should STILL consider starting a podcast:

To meet some amazing people whom you wouldn’t have met otherwise

Inviting influential people and industry leaders to your podcast as a guest makes a great reason to start a conversation with these not-easily accessible people. With no other reason at hand, why would you reach out to them or why would they spare their time for you?

But guess what, being on podcasts is on every influencer’s radar these days and they would be happy to be on yours too. This is the easiest way to keep expanding your business network and professional relationships not to get more clients, but to cultivate high-quality connections.

To be a role model for the new entrants in your industry

This is something that you might not be thinking about and not be a podcast goal even for you. But still, as an authority in your coaching or consulting space, there will be new coaches and consultants who look up to you as a role model to learn from you. And as you share insightful conversations and personal journeys, you are in a way educating them. Isn’t this a way of selflessly giving back to the world what you have?

To hit refresh on your existing content

If you are a dinosaur who has been riding the black horse of blogging or creating videos or writing for publications – a podcast for your business could be a great way to infuse life again in your existing content and get in front of a new audience.

Statistics show that 75 percent of podcast listeners are Millennials and Gen Z audience in the age group of 18-34. Wouldn’t it be nice to get into the ears of this new segment by converting your blogs into the audio format?

To build a legacy of your own

It is considered to be good karma to help someone without the intention of having anything in return. Your podcast could be that medium for someone who is searching for that encouragement, who is looking out for a guiding voice that can help them in their next decision or simply be a free academy for a continued source of learning.

The podcast Women Sales Pros is a legendary example of how podcast becomes someone’s legacy. The podcast was started by Barbara Giamanco in 2018. But after her unfortunate demise, the podcast which features women and male allies in sales doing incredible work would have ended there. But Lori Richardson from the Women Sales Community stepped up to take the reins of the podcast, fully acknowledging Barbara’s contribution and growing the podcast by leaps and bound.

Well, as they say – Don’t just build a career. Build a Legacy.

So, what now –

  • Do you feel a podcast can be much more than a business tool?

  • Do you think it can help you make a difference in the world in unique ways?

  • Do you still have queries as to – How it will work for YOU?

Then we would love to answer your queries and help you launch your podcast.

Just Book a call with Done For You Podcasts and we can get talking!

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