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Transform Your Mic      into a Money Magnet!

Transform your wisdom into wealth effortlessly with podcasts

Your knowledge, Their Convenience – a powerful duo for building a loyal audience and turning listeners into devoted customers. 

All you need is the right strategy of choosing the right Call-To-Action for the right kind of audience and business objectives.

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 Here’s what you get inside 

Funnel Strategy For A Coaching Business

Between churning episode for your podcast and running your business it is easy to loose sight of where does your podcast sit in your sales funnel. Identify the exact stages where a podcast performs the best aka making you some money.

Four Strategies To Escalate Audience Action

Follow the iconic- Know-Like-Trust methodology to nudge and influence your audience into becoming your loyal listeners who become paying clients. It takes time to leverage this methodology and this handbook shows you the fastest route to it.

Aligned Business Objective For Each Funnel Stage

There are multiple business objectives that can be fulfilled with podcast. Learn which ones to activate at which funnel stage so as to maximize the sales opportunities and ROI of your efforts put towards consistent podcasting.

Get Podcast Sales Funnel

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