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Launching A Podcast - Is It Worth The Effort !

Updated: Feb 8

Find out how to launch a podcast that is worth the time and benefits your efforts.


As a coach or consultant you probably already have a lot going on in your world – writing social media posts, doing challenges, hosting webinars or even writing a book.

So should you launch a podcast just because it is another ‘nice to have’ thing in your

list ?

Absolutely not!

Launch a podcast only !

  • If you want to make your powerful voice and thoughts heard.

  • If you want to create an immersive, intimate experience for your audience.

  • If you want to tell heartful stories, share knowledge and deliver insights in the most compelling ways.

And for those who tend to look for numbers in everything,

Just wrap your head around these stats

60 million 200 million only 2 million Facebook Business pages Instagram Business accounts Podcasts Worldwide

There are only 2 million podcasts worldwide with every 3 out 4 podcast listeners tuning in to learn something new.

(*statistics are from Oberlo and Invideo)

So if you wish to you stand out from a cluttered market and create unique visibility and positioning for yourself – then yes, you should launch a podcast.

5 Types Of People Who Would Benefit From Having a Podcast

  • Subject matter experts who can leverage knowledge sharing.

  • Solopreneurs who want to attract new leads in an ongoing manner.

  • Master networkers who loves meeting people and building new connections.

  • Educators who love teaching a certain group of people – be it coaches, professionals, entrepreneurs or students.

  • Storytellers at heart who want to revisit their (and their guests) life, relationships, client experiences and business journeys.


There is a place for every kind of content, every medium of delivery and every persona of a target audience. In the context of coaching and consulting businesses, here is why Podcast trump above all

Podcasts are very Time & Cost-Effective to produce

A lot many people have a camera fear, they might have to take a plenty of retakes before the perfect shot and cancel out a couple of bloopers to produce a 5-minute video. You might also be someone who is too lazy to dress up every time to record a video. Well, a podcast saves you from the drill.

Podcasts are Authentic & Intimate

Audio Search is the Next Big Thing



The podcast industry is growing by leaps and bounds. And it’s your choice to either get on the bandwagon and grow with it or get left behind.

" Wise people say it prudent to ride with the rising tide "

So if you want to get on with it, Done For You Podcasts would love to help you with your podcast journey.

Just Book a call to tell us what you have in mind!

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