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How To Have A Stress-Free Podcasting Routine ?

Updated: Feb 8

Train your body, mind, voice with simple podcast routine tips and hacks

Podcast Essentials

Creating content on any platform is a challenging and overwhelming job. It doesn’t matter whether you are a video creator on social media or a podcaster; pushing out regular pieces of unique content is part of your job.

Creating content involves research, ideation, strategy and then the actual process of creation. If you don’t have a podcasting routine, you will end up in a mess and start stressing yourself to push the episode out.

Instead, having a stress-free routine will help you to stay relaxed and at the top of your game. Also, if you aren’t a full-time podcaster and have a job or a business to cater to, focusing on health tips for podcasters will be helpful.

Self-development routine for podcasters for a healthy lifestyle

Before creating any piece of content, you need to consume content. Even if you are an expert in your field, researching your episode topics will always help you to be prepared.

A self-development podcasting routine you can try -

  • Block an hour in your calendar bi-weekly to research and read blogs, books, and listen to other podcasts in your niche.

  • Listen to podcasts regularly. Tune in to popular podcasts while working out, cooking, or driving to work.

  • Have conversations with people regarding the topics you would like to speak about on your podcast to gain insights or to see the general problems that people face.

Having a routine or plan will allow you to efficiently incorporate the extra work needed around running a podcast show into your existing routine, giving you time for other things like exercising, relaxing, and spending time with your family.

Self-care tips for training your body, mind & voice to prepare for a great podcast

No performer gets on a stage and just wings it.

Every performer, including singers, comedians, or actors, has a gradual warming-up process before they come in front of the crowd. Podcasters are no exception.

Even if you aren’t shooting a video, many people will hear your voice, so you should have a routine to prepare your body, mind, and voice.

Here are some practical tips to include in your podcasting routine.

  • Move your lips and jaw

It is a great vocal exercise for people who don’t speak much but suddenly become chatty for the show. Unfortunately, most of the time, people forget that lips and jaw are essential for speaking.

If you are someone who doesn’t speak a lot, you will find that your words can sound mumbly. To avoid this, you can fake yawn to open your mouth entirely and even practice enunciating your script to loosen up your jaws.

  • Breathe with your nose

You might feel this one is obvious, but most people also breathe with their mouths. Now, when you do that, your listeners will be able to hear it in between your sentences, and that is not very pleasing.

Also, the air becomes dry when you breathe through your mouth, drying you out further while speaking. The opposite is true when you breathe through your nose, as the little hairs in your nostrils will help to moisten the air.

As a podcasting routine exercise, breathe in and out through your nose consciously, and speak when you breathe out.

  • Focus on your body posture

Just because you aren’t taking a video of your episode doesn’t mean you can slouch or lie down while recording an episode. Remember that your body is the instrument you use to command your voice.

If you slouch, adequate air won’t travel to your lungs, affecting your tone and voice. But, by improving your body posture, you will see more tones of clarity and confidence in your voice.

Before recording any episode, sit in a comfortable chair, roll your shoulders, and start speaking. Ideally, you will have excellent modulation if you can stand and speak.

  • Clear your head

Podcasting is so much more than focusing on your voice and modulation. You must be present and proactive while recording, as that energy will reflect on your listeners.

Also, if you invite many guests to the show, you must ask a few impromptu follow-up questions on certain topics or answer with witty comebacks.

Indulge in your favorite activities before recording. It can be as simple as having coffee or tea, or walking to gather your thoughts.

These were a few unconventional health tips for podcasters. But do try them, and you will see a difference.

Download your free health routine checklist here

Hacks to follow for a stress-free routine of podcasting

  • Create a podcasting schedule

Whether podcasting is a side hustle or your main gig, it is easy to feel stressed while recording, managing, and growing a show. So, create a podcast schedule that helps you to stay on track with all the upcoming tasks.

Once you create a schedule, you are less likely to miss a deadline and get anxious about all the pending work.

  • Have an episode calendar

Always plan 15-30 days in advance so you have enough time to cover up even if you miss a task deadline. Decide your episodes in advance and start ideating as well as writing scripts for the same.

If your show format has guests, you will have to plan even more in advance as you will have to reach out to them, give them preparation time, and then set a recording date that works for both of you.

  • Set aside time for a podcasting routine

You can block hours on different days or set aside one or two days for your podcasting routine. This will entirely depend on how you like working.

Are you someone who can shift focus from one project to another on the same day, or do you like working on one thing for the entire day?

  • Use project management software

Choose a good software that allows you to create tasks with deadlines and sends you a reminder to finish them. Also, an added advantage of using software is that you have all your tasks, workflow, inspiration, and deadlines in one place.

You won’t have to stress about finding various spreadsheets, schedules, and documents everywhere.

  • Delegate when you can

You don’t have to do everything on your own. Most people burn themselves out by doing everything on their own. So one of the health tips for podcasters is to avoid doing everything independently and stressing yourself out.

You can ideate and decide on a topic and outsource your script, or you can outsource the editing of your episode. Whatever task takes a lot of your time, delegate or outsource it.



Being a podcaster is all about staying consistent; to do that, you need to have a routine, take care of your health, train your voice and delegate. Avoid taking up a lot of work at once, as that will overwhelm you and push you out of consistency.

Instead, create a podcasting routine that already complements your existing work routine and doesn’t overburden you.

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