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How Can I Start A Podcast With My Busy Schedules ?

Updated: Feb 8

Learn how to invest the time and start a podcast effectively amidst the Busy Schedules.

Podcast Essentials

Indeed, as a business owner, you have 101 to-dos and you are always pressed for time. But wait, if that’s the way you are running your business, then first and foremost – you’ve got to take a pause and reflect – Is this really what you signed up for?

Podcasting will work no different. It will ask for commitment, consistency and prioritization from you. So before you even think about your podcast name or concept, answer this

What’s your big WHY behind starting a podcast?

Our Founder Roshni Baronia started her first podcast Ace the Sales in June 2020, it was merely a side hustle at the time of the pandemic. But over a period of time, it became a core piece for business as it helped her amplify authority and get established as a subject matter expert and created business opportunities in the most unimaginable ways.

Today, her podcasts has become more than a side hustle. It has become the outlet of creative expression in the business.

And the big WHY which helped her stay consistent with it is that her podcast is a way of giving back to the community and helping women entrepreneurs in their business growth journey.

So before taking the plunge into podcasting, look for the WHY.

And mind you, it isn’t money or sales.

When you do business, money is the natural outcome. It’s not the purpose.

When you do podcasting, opportunities are a natural outcome. It’s not the purpose.

A strong WHY is larger than you and your limitations. And when you find that for your podcast, you will have no problem finding time to record the episodes, schedule guest interviews or create the content for your podcast. You will prioritize podcasting as any other high-return business activity.


There is a very well-known phenomenon in the podcast industry called PodFading. This is a phenomenon where the podcaster stops churning out more episodes, mostly due to insufficient content, burnout due to staying in a DIY state or improper planning. So here are a few things you can do to save yourself from podfading –

Know Your Content

Being clear on what you are going to speak about in the initial few episodes or who your first few guests would be for the show helps keep the overwhelm in check as you are not haunted by every now then by – ‘What I should speak on next!

Make Time On Your Calendar

Create Systems

Infuse Passion In Your Podcast

Get The Right Support



Podcasting is a lot of work and it needs commitment.

But then, nothing ever came out of loose work and half-hearted actions. Success with anything, especially sales and marketing, requires consistency.

And if you need the right skill and support by your side to help you through your podcasting journey, just hop on and Book a call to discuss. We would be happy to help.

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