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Unlocking New Horizons: Financial Experts Harnessing the Power of Podcasts

Updated: Feb 8

Client case study on podcast creation by DFYP for Meeta Gupta - Financial coach

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, financial experts face the ever-present challenge of reaching and engaging with a diverse and ever-expanding audience. While information dissemination is key, building trust and credibility is vital. While social media is great for engaging an audience, there has to be a deeper way to educate them. Enter the world of podcasting – a dynamic and accessible platform for sharing knowledge, building a community, and fostering meaningful connections.

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Case Study Revolutionizing Financial Education: The Impact of 'Moolah Talks' Podcast Hosted by Meeta Gupta

moolah talks podcast - cover art

This case study on "Moolah Talks" hosted by Meeta Gupta, a seasoned financial coach, highlights the incredible potential of podcasts in revolutionizing how financial experts educate and empower their audiences.

By leveraging this versatile medium, financial experts can break free from the confines of jargon and exclusivity, and instead, craft content that is engaging, approachable, and tailored to the needs of their target demographic.

Through the power of co-hosted formats, captivating audio narration, and compelling content, Meeta and her co-hosts unlock the potential to access entirely new audiences.

The success of "Moolah Talks" serves as a beacon of inspiration for those seeking innovative ways to connect with listeners eager to enhance their financial literacy.

Client - Meeta Gupta

Client expertise - Financial coach, Empowering Self-driven and Courageous Women to achieve financial wellbeing

Financial Podcast - Moolah Talks

Podcast Category - Education, Investment & Self-improvement


meeta gupta - host - moolah talks podcast
Meeta Gupta

Meeta Gupta is the Founder of Moolah for Women, a financial literacy and empowerment community for women that makes finance simple, fun, easy to understand, jargon-free, accessible, and convenient for you irrespective of your age, background, and geography.

Meeta is a seasoned finance professional, with over 30 years of experience in the field of finance. A personal incident led her to discover her passion and purpose in life which is to free women from years of social conditioning and shift their general mindset that “Finance is not for women.” She wants every woman to attain financial freedom and firmly believes that it is not just desirable but essential for every woman to achieve financial independence.

When we discussed a podcast that supports her purpose and mission, Meeta was all-in for it because she wants the message of financial freedom to reach far and beyond.

Empowering Women's Financial Mindset: The Innovative Approach Behind 'Moolah Talks' Podcast

Meeta had a very clear instruction for us that she wants to work on the mindset first and foremost. Once women are able to get rid of the deep-rooted conditioning, only they will be able to learn and take charge of their money.

So the first step of creating the podcast “Moolah Talks’ was to work on a differentiated format. Thereafter we elevated the listener experience with immersive audio storytelling. Last but not least – we choose a Season styling for the show so that different themes with different co-hosts can be explored within one show.

Inside the making of 'Moolah Talks': Unveiling the Co-Hosted Strategy, Brand Integration, and Audio Storytelling

  1. Co-hosted format One of the key strategies was not to do guest interviews but to make the show a conversation between the Co-Founders. This not only established a deeper connection between the listeners and brand custodians but also helped them bring forth their ideologies, passion, and purpose in an unaltered manner.

  2. Brand integration The choice of keeping the show co-hosted also helped us seamlessly integrate into the podcast the mentions and references of the business that is the Moolah for Women offerings like webinars, eBooks, and courses. It was all conversational and not salesy.

  3. Audio Storytelling This became the highlight of Season 1 as adding a lot of sound effects and Bollywood signature tunes added the fun factor to an otherwise heavy theme of societal stereotypes, patriarchy, and financial empowerment of women

  4. Season theme The first season was thoughtfully curated to address 6 stages of a woman’s life, what is the importance of money in each, the conversation, conditioning, and mindset shift required. The episodes were like a mini-web series packed with drama and takeaways at the end.

  5. Season 2

Moolah wisdom - ep 1 cover art

Building on the success of Season 1, the second season, again a 6-part series saw a new guest co-ost with whom Meeta went deep into the real-life experiences and money management tips. This time it was not only mindset but practical tips for women to manage and have fun with their money.

Podcast Triumph: Moolah Talks' Resounding Success in Top Chart Positions

Highlights & Achievements

Chart Audience

Moolah Talks quickly gained recognition within the podcasting world. It consistently achieved top rankings in various Education, Investment, and Self-improvement categories on popular podcast platforms. The podcast's insightful content and engaging delivery ensured a loyal and growing listener base.

Community Engagement Moolah Talks has an active and vibrant online community of women who are passionate about financial empowerment. The podcast served as a valuable resource for them to binge into and hear it straight from the founder who is fostering a supportive network of financial enthusiasts.

Curated Audience The power of content is quadrupled when it reaches the right audience. Majority of the listener demographic of Moolah Talks, close to 75%, is in the age group of 35-59 which is the prime target audience for the brand and business. Thus, the completion rates of the show are always high, as the show is addressing their listener’s needs.



The association of Done For You Podcasts and Moolah Talks has not only benefitted the hosts but also a large section of women taking charge of their money. Looking ahead, Meeta Gupta and Done For You Podcasts plan to expand the podcast's reach and continue making strides in the realm of financial education for women. Season 3 is in the works, promising even more exciting content and opportunities for women to take control of their financial futures.

"Moolah Talks" is a testament to the power of podcasts as a medium for education and empowerment, and Done For You Podcasts is proud to have been part of this incredible journey with Meeta Gupta.

Planning to start a podcast? Check out the Services Provided by Done For You Podcasts - reach out to us. We are Done For You Podcasts - a full-service Podcast Production Company for experts and entrepreneurs.

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