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Moolah Talks

"A woman's relationship with money is like a love affair: sometimes, it's hot and steamy, and other times it's cold and distant. But isn't it high time that we women seal the deal with our finances with a kiss?

Welcome confident women to our podcast ""Moolah Talks"" - a show that helps you change your thought patterns, mindset and emotional connection with MONEY!

We are your hosts, Meeta Gupta, Financial Life Coach and Ritu Prasad, a Seasoned Entrepreneur, who together run a community called Moolah for women and conduct financial literacy programs for individuals and corporates to make aspirational women savvy with money.

Women traditionally shy away from finance because of their deep social conditioning that they will be taken care of by the men in their family. Research however shows that women outlive men and COVID has added another layer to this equation. It has never been more important for women to understand and take charge of their financial wellbeing.

Through this podcast, we do our part in educating and empowering women in a fun, easy, and jargon-free way.

Because guess what – It’s all about the money, honey!"

Listen to the podcast

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