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Making Change With Your Money - Podcast Management & Development

Updated: Feb 8

A Case Study on the podcast management by DFYP for Making Change With Your Money - Laura Rotter

Case Studies

Advisor Client - Laura Rotter
Client expertise - Certified Financial Planner
Business Podcast - Making Change with Your Money
Podcast Category - Personal Stories, Society and Culture, Investing

Laura Rotter-pic
Laura Rotter

Laura Rotter, is a Certified Financial Planner and Founder of investment firm True Abundance Advisors based in State of New York. She works on the unique concept of aligning meaning with money, she works primarily with mid-life women, professionals making career transitions, and retired couples. She wanted to do a podcast that redefines wealth, abundance, and financial success, especially from the lens of people who have had a full life and experienced big life transitions. To bring her vision to life, Laura onboarded Done For You Podcasts, a leading full-service podcast production and management company. This case study highlights the successful collaboration between Laura Rotter and Done For You Podcasts in developing and managing the Making Change with Your Money podcast.

Client brief:

Laura Rotter recognized the power of podcasting as an effective medium to reach a broader audience and share her financial expertise. While she had made attempts at using online tools for podcast production, she very soon realized that it is quite an overwhelming task and not the best use of her time. She will rather spend time with her dog than edit podcast episodes. So, Laura took on the professional services of Done For You Podcasts to produce and manage a high-quality podcast and stay consistent with it, for podcast creation at ease.


Podcast Production

The production team at Done For You Podcasts handled all technical aspects of podcast post-production. This included choosing licensed music to match the feel of the conversations, high-fidelity audio editing, impeccable removal of filler words, and adding host summary, intros, and outros to each episode.

Graphic Design & Branding

Done For You Podcasts provided professional graphic design services, creating eye-catching cover art, promotional collaterals and branding elements aligned with the podcast's theme and message.

Show Notes & Transcription

Laura was very specific and detailed about the show tiles and show notes that went out with each episode. Team DFYP worked patiently doing multiple revision in content writing to match her desired styling and gain a satisfied client. To enhance the listener experience and improve discoverability, we created comprehensive show notes for each episode.

Successful outcomes for podcast production services:

Working with Done For You Podcasts Laura was able to take the overwhelm out of the podcast creation process and enjoy the connection and conversation part of it. She effortlessly maintained the weekly frequency of her podcast because she had a trusted partner by her side to take care of the tricky technical parts.

Professional Production Quality With the support of Done For You Podcasts, the Making Change with Your Money podcast maintained consistently high production quality, ensuring a pleasant listening experience for the audience.

Consistency in Podcast Since Laura could focus on getting guests and scheduling interviews with them, she was able to maintain a weekly frequency for the show. This helped her get organic listenership with very little marketing or promotions of the podcast.

Strategic Advisory Though Laura being from USA was very well-versed with the requirements of a podcast, she sought advice on how she could build her brand as the host. We helped her curate the show in a way where she comes across as the facilitator and not just a listener to the guest. Adding of a summary at the end of the interview made her the show-stopper of the podcast!



The partnership between Laura Rotter and Done For You Podcasts proved instrumental in the successful management of the Making Change with Your Money podcast.

By leveraging the expertise and services provided by Done For You Podcasts, Laura was able to focus on delivering valuable content to her audience while leaving the technical aspects of podcast production and distribution in capable hands.

The podcast's growth and positive reception exemplify the effectiveness of this collaboration, empowering individuals to make informed financial decisions and fostering a strong affinity for the podcast Making Change with Your Money.


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