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The Brave Marketing Podcast - Empowering Life Coaches & Healers

Updated: Feb 8

A case study on the podcast development process - Brave Marketing by International Coach Swapna Thomas

Case Studies

Coach Client: Swapna Thomas
Coaching expertise: Mindset, Content, and Messaging Mentor
Business Podcast: Brave Marketing
Podcast Category: Marketing, Business

Done For You Podcasts had the opportunity to work with Swapna Thomas from day one of her podcast ideation to the launch of her podcast to the podcast becoming an integral service promotion.

the brave marketing podcast cover art

Swapna Thomas is a very down-to-earth and self-aware individual who believes in focusing on the strengths and letting go of the frills.

She is an international coach who happens to be based out of India. Her idea for her podcast was to be used as a channel to access new audiences as well as to be a place where she shows up for her people with authenticity and solutions. This case study highlights the podcast development process and strategies that build a podcast that aligns with the person and business.

Client brief:

Being a renowned international marketing and mindset coach, Swapna has had extensive experience working with life coaches, healers and spiritual coaches from across the globe.

So having a global appeal for her podcast was a requirement from day one of our discussions. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by this niche audience in marketing their services, Swapna launched the "Brave Marketing" podcast to provide them with the tools, strategies, and inspiration needed to grow their businesses successfully.

Podcast Goals

Empowering Life Coaches and Healers

Swapna aimed to empower life coaches and healers by sharing valuable marketing insights, mindset techniques and success stories. She wanted to equip her audience with the knowledge and tools necessary to build thriving practices and make a positive impact on their client's lives.

Providing Practical Marketing Strategies

Swapna aimed to demystify marketing for life coaches and healers, who often struggle with promoting their services effectively. She wanted to provide actionable strategies, tips and case studies that could be implemented to attract clients and grow their businesses.

Leverage podcast for lead generation

Leading with high-value content Swapna wanted the listeners to take actions that could build the email list that she nurtures through email marketing and sell her coaching programs.

Broadcast program launches

As an online coach, Swapna is constantly launching coaching programs that people can enroll in at any time. The podcast was to serve as a media channel that helps her promote and share her latest offerings and invite interest from potential clients.

Done For You Podcasts Approach

To achieve the above podcast's goals for Swapna, Done For You Podcasts, a full-service podcast launch and management company for experts and entrepreneurs, took the following route:

Bringing the host’s persona into audio

Swapna carries a unique aura and persona that has a calming yet energizing effect. We carefully worked on the choice of background music for the podcast to match the unique personality of the host. A podcast is the most immersive and intimate way of consuming content, and with thoughtfully done audio treatment, we were able to bring that closeness between the listeners and host.

Targeted Content Creation

Episodes were mindfully crafted to match the way marketing was taught and practiced by the host herself. With a tinge of rebel attitude, and going against the grain being her style, Swapna also managed to add an element of spirituality to a raw topic like marketing. The ideal client avatar - that is the healers and spiritual leaders were kept as a north star to curate content that talks about out-of-the-box topics like - mindset shifts, persona productivity, combating depression, creating sold-out offers, and more. We also honed in a lot on listicles

Thoughtful Guest Selection

Swapna invited her peers, mentors, and clients as guests on the podcast as a showcase of her work as well as tap into the power of relationships. These guests shared their experiences, insights, and success stories, providing valuable inspiration and practical tips for the listeners. By featuring relevant guests, Swapna further established herself as a trusted resource in the industry.

Mindset and Empowerment Focus

Swapna emphasized the importance of mindset in marketing success. She incorporated episodes on overcoming self-limiting beliefs, cultivating confidence, and maintaining a positive mindset to help her audience overcome common challenges and achieve their business goals.

Call to action and fresh content

A special downloadable PDF was created for a podcast to build the email list for Swapna. She started creating episodes that talk about her latest programs and launches. Since the episodes were not pre-planned or recorded long ahead of time, we were able to push out dynamic content and offers that people can avail of at the time of episode release.


The collaboration between Swapna Thomas and Done For You Podcasts on the "Brave Marketing" podcast has yielded remarkable results:

A Stand-Out Show

The "Brave Marketing" podcast highly resonated with its target audience as it provided them with practical marketing strategies and mindset tools. Listeners regularly DM Swapna about how they are feeling more confident after listening to the show in promoting their services, attracting clients, and achieving their business goals. The show has garnered some great reviews on Apple Podcasts as well.

Online reviews of podcast

reviews of podcast

Chart Rankings

Brave Marketing podcast climbed to the Top 5 marketing podcasts in Australia just 3 episodes in. Incidentally, that is also the geography that Swapna serves most as a coach. The podcast helped reach a wider audience in the country because of chart rankings.

Increased Business Growth

The actionable marketing strategies and insights shared on the podcast resulted in tangible business growth for many life coaches and healers in the target audience. Listeners reported higher client inquiries, increased visibility, and improved client conversion rates, leading to the expansion of their practices.

Up-leveled Personal Branding

Through her podcast, Swapna Thomas established herself as the leader in marketing and mindset coaching for life coaches and healers. Her expertise, combined with the valuable content shared on the podcast, positioned her as a trusted coach in the industry and placed her in the league of global coaches who often have podcasts to promote their businesses.



The work delivered by Done For You Podcasts for Swapna Thomas on the "Brave Marketing" podcast has successfully met its business objectives of empowering life coaches and healers by providing them with valuable marketing strategies, mindset tools and an engaged community. The evidence like personal messages to hosts and reviews on podcast apps established the stickiness of content and packaging of it with its intended audience.

Podcast development is both a strategic and creative process and needs thoughtful curation on both aspects. Done For You Podcasts excels at both with a team that is a beautiful blend of strategists and creative nerds.

So if you want to launch a global podcast that meets your business goals - Get In Touch with us.


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