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The Cellular Alchemist - Podcast Rebranding & Growth

Updated: Feb 8

A podcast case study on strategies & results derived from enhancing "The Cellular Alchemist" Podcast

Case Studies

Coach Client - Ritu Malhotra
Coaching expertise - Spiritual Psychologist & Bio-Feedback Expert
Business Podcast - The Cellular Alchemist
Podcast Category - Self-help, Spirituality, Mental wellbeing

Client brief:

Ritu had been releasing podcast episodes for over a year but without audio enhancement and strategic positioning, the podcast wasn’t garnering the intended listenership.

Done For You Podcasts was hired to rebrand and revamp Ritu Malhotra's podcast, "The Cellular Alchemist."

The aim was to enhance the show's visual appeal, drive defined business objectives, improve post-production quality and achieve significant audience growth. This case study highlights the strategies implemented by Done For You Podcasts and the remarkable results achieved for "The Cellular Alchemist."


Picture of Ritu Malhotra

Ritu Malhotra, a highly accomplished Kinesiologist, Metaphysician, and Spiritual Psychologist, who has worked with hundreds of individuals across the globe on personal transformation using the rare techniques of bio-feedback.

Her podcast ventures into the realms of self-awareness, personal transformation, and spiritual growth. Recognizing the potential of her podcast to impact a wider audience and equip more people with life-changing advice, Ritu sought professional assistance to revamp her show and increase its reach.

Done For You Podcasts Approach :

Done For You Podcasts worked immersively with Ritu Malhotra to fulfill her vision for "The Cellular Alchemist” and give her show an aligned representation of her years of experience and unique expertise. We took time to understand her content, tone and voice. The following strategies were implemented to achieve the podcast's rebranding and growth objectives

Strategies focused on Rebranding and Growth

Redesigned Cover Art

One of the first strategic makeovers was done with respect to the visual appeal of the podcast.

The podcast cover art had to appeal to the sensibilities of a person who looking for calmness and poise.

We worked on a new color palette for the podcast as well as episode cover art that changes with each series yet aligns with the overall aesthetics of the podcast. The visually appealing and compelling cover art captured the essence of "The Cellular Alchemist" and aligned well with Ritu's expert authority and attracting potential listeners.

The cellular alchemist podcast cover art revamp process

Before After

Strategic Show Description and Call to Action

The team at Done For You Podcasts optimized the show description, ensuring it effectively communicated the podcast's unique value proposition that resonated with the target audience.

We crafted a clear and compelling call to action which was to visit her website and encourage listeners to engage with the podcast's content.

Enhanced Audio-Production

Done For You Podcasts improved the audio quality of "The Cellular Alchemist" many folds by implementing professional audio mixing techniques and voice-over enhancements.

This upgrade enhanced the overall listening experience and positioned the podcast as a high-quality production. It is said that the quality audience experiences on the podcast set their expectation about your work as a coach as wheel. So with a professionally done podcast, the audience is propelled to trust you more.

Podcast Chart Optimization

We also implemented podcast chart optimization strategies to increase the visibility of "The Cellular Alchemist" not only in India by across other geographies as well.

By strategically targeting relevant categories and optimizing for keywords, we aimed to secure chart positions and attract new listeners organically.

Successful outcomes
Reinvigorated Brand Image

The redesigned cover art successfully refreshed the podcast's visual identity, aligning it with Ritu Malhotra's personal brand. The new design resonated with the target audience, attracting their attention and generating interest in the podcast.

Increased Listener Engagement
Audience Growth
Chart Rankings



The rebranding and ongoing management services being delivered for “The Cellular Alchemist” podcast have not only helped Ritu achieve her business goals but also helped DFYP earn a happy client.

Done For You Podcasts can deliver targeted results to enhance the effectiveness of audio content creation that fulfills business objectives for a niche coaching expertise. Tailor-made solutions and process-driven delivery help our clients gain quality and speed with our services.

If you are looking to leverage the power of podcasts for your business and brand, connect with us to start your brand-new podcast or rebrand an existing one.


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