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Podcast As Sales Tool For Business Growth

Updated: Feb 8

Learn about the benefits of Podcast for sales and identify the ways to use Podcast as a sales tool to grow your business

Podcasting & Business

Not many people have Podcasts on their radar as a sales tool to grow their business. But the sheer novelty of it makes it the most opportune time for you as a coach, consultant, author or solopreneur to enter into this ‘not-yet’ cluttered media space.

Podcast Listenership is growing on an average by 30% year on year with 3 out of every 4 listeners tuning in with the intention of learning something new and gaining knowledge.

With knowledge sharing and value creation being at the core of marketing efforts for coaches and consultants. Podcasts can seamlessly become a part of your sales and marketing strategy if you use it strategically with an end goal in mind.

Sets you apart from your competition or peers in your industry

You can have the early mover advantage and create a unique positioning for yourself

Provides an innovative way of reaching out to your potential clients and

building credibility through thought leadership.

Gives you a platform to engage multiple stakeholders of your business

your clients, strategic partners, industry experts, mentors and even your behind-the-scenes team.

Cost-effective and lower in the effort as compared to creating videos or reels

Longer shelf life as compared to social media posts

which get lost in the downpour of other posts or get buried in the feed within a week.

Build a more intimate and immersive connection with your listeners

Thus nudging them to follow your call to action in the podcast.

5 Ways To Use Podcasting as a Sales Tool For Coaching / Consulting Business


Reach out to your target clients inviting them as a guest. This is way better than cold calling/messaging and initiates a warmth in the connection right from the first interaction.

Customer Engagement


Lead generation

Inviting For Order

How To Build a Podcast Sales Funnel For Business

Now that you have understood why you should use a podcast for growing your business, let us investigate how you can make your podcast work as a sales tool for your business.

A Sales Funnel is the marketing term for the journey potential customers go through on the way to purchase

All businesses work on the strategy of a sales funnel where the potential client moves from the top of the funnel to the bottom through a series of communication messages sent to them based on which the potential client takes action.

As they keep performing those desired actions, they keep moving ahead in the funnel.

The funnel stages your potential clients go through are:


When you map your podcast to any of these funnel stages and the right call to action – that’s when you are able to see progress in your conversions.

To make your podcast work for your business, you need to define the following three things:

Business Objective

Clearly articulate the primary and secondary goals for your podcast. They could be anything from lead generation to amplifying your brand to building your thought leadership or promoting your book.

Sales Opportunity

With respect to your objective, now you will be presented with an opportunity that could be anything from prospecting to inviting people to join your community. You can even run ads for your own business, book or webinars.


With those two in place, you can turn podcast listeners into loyal fans and paying clients do a dip check of how warmed up your podcast audience is. It takes time to build the know-like and trust factor with a listener and as your podcast travels that journey with them, you can move your call to action from visiting your website for a cold audience to buying the ticket for a warm audience.

The Da Vinci Code of making podcast work for your business is when the business objectives map to the right call to action which in turn amplifies the sales opportunity.

To get a detailed guideline for the Podcast Sales Funnel



Our potential clients at each stage of their buyer journey are looking for a different kind of communication and outcome from you. And if you can provide them that – Voila …they keep moving ahead in the funnel finally making it to the bottom of the funnel when they buy your products/programs/services.

Through a podcast, you can gain the most precious assets from your potential clients - their time and attention.

So, make sure you make it worthwhile for them and yourself.

Note : *data-based insight from


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