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How to create branded content with Podcasts in 2024: The Ultimate Guide

Updated: Feb 8

Branded content with podcasts is a great way to connect with your target audience, build trust, and promote your brand. To create a successful branded podcast, focus on storytelling, select guests who align with your brand, and produce high-quality content.

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Creating great branded content with podcasts that everyone loves needs planning, strategizing, and expertise. If you are thinking of including podcasts in your brand strategy, you need to prepare before hitting that start button.

Branded podcasts offer many innovative ways to create meaningful connections. Those who understand this use it to communicate with their audience. This is an authentic way to share content that makes users feel personal. It’s about understanding the essence of one’s brand and constructing it into their podcast stories. This post is all about creating podcasts for brands that are not just consumed but adored and loved as well.

Create Branded Content with Podcasts

Creating outstanding branded content with podcasts that bring satisfying results requires effort and time. However, it is not impossible. There are a few critical aspects that you need to consider as you get started:

Identify Target Audience

Knowing who you are going to serve is the first step toward branded content creation. Who are those you want to produce your podcast for? What interests them? What needs do they have? Does the podcast fulfill or elevate any of their aspirations? How much time they are willing to devote to podcast consumption? What does a typical day for them look like? Once you understand your target audience, creating content that is engaging and relevant becomes easy.

Define Your Objectives

What do you wish to achieve with your podcast? Do you want to generate leads, increase sales, or make people aware of your brand? Having clear business objectives helps tailor our content and marketing strategy in the most meaningful way.

Concept of Your Podcast

What kind of podcast do you want to make? Should it be an interview-based, narrative-based, or simply a solo show? What access or resources will help you create such a format?

This helps find some general ideas of how your content will look like. Moreover, it helps plan topics for your episodes and make the process easy.

Effective Marketing with Branded Podcasts

Businesses are increasingly leveraging podcasts as a medium to create branded content. This is because podcasts offer a unique way to engage audiences on a deeper personal and intimate level. Through audio content, brands can share their team stories, client experiences, or leader journeys that give a peep into the brand's values which in turn build trust and loyalty among the listening audience.

However, podcasts are also versatile in terms of the kind of content that can be produced with them. Whether it's entertainment, storytelling, educational content, or interviews, one can find suitable formats for their brands.

Your podcast should be more like an extension of your company, helping strengthen what it stands for and what it offers.

How to create branded content with Podcasts?

In a nutshell, the success of your branded content podcasts primarily depends on the

  • Quality of your content

  • Identifying the target audience

  • Setting clear objectives

  • Choosing the right formats

Furthermore, here are some other tips that can help you design engaging content.

tips that can help you design engaging content-Infogrpahic

Branded Content with Podcasts for B2B Marketing

Brands and businesses are always on the lookout for new ways to promote their products, programs or services. One of the popular areas where they are heavily investing is branded podcasts.

B2B branded content with podcasts are also helpful in reaching and engaging with other businesses.

Unlike other marketing channels, B2B content podcasts can be effective in marketing your business. They offer several advantages.

  • Gives an opportunity to establish thought leadership

  • Allows you to tell behind-the-scenes stories and idea development

  • Build and showcase industry connects

More than often, B2B branded podcasts are targeted at a highly curated niche audience. You can design your B2B branded podcast that calls out to your ideal customer - like single parents, pet parents, teenagers, copywriters, HR heads, or any other focus group that is your target audience. Now, your content will be more relevant and interesting to them. Users are more likely to find it helpful and listen to it.

In addition, with powerful analytics, podcast performance can be measured. Though very deep data is yet to become a part of it, you can get insights into demographics, reach, time of listen, completion rate, and more which gives a lot of information about the stickiness with the branded content you have developed. You can know how many people listened to your content and how they interacted with it. Using such data, you can improve your content and come up with a better marketing strategy over time.

Successful Advertising with Podcasts

With 464 million people listening to podcasts, they are increasingly becoming a popular form of audio-video media.

Podcasts have become a prime channel for advertisers looking to reach a large audience with minimum effort.

There are several reasons why advertisements for brand promotion can be successful and effective with podcasts.

Podcast ads can be very targeted. Advertisers can have their ads as per their audience’s preference. To make it impactful, customize it to fit the style and tone. A brand has access to a large pool of podcasts where they can run their ads in addition to their own native branded podcast.

As mentioned earlier, storytelling is powerful. So, use storytelling in designing ads that resonate with your audiences’ emotions and captivate them. A unique and catching story will be more effective. Choose host-read ads over dynamic or scripted ads because it is all about building a personal connection with the listener aka your potential customer.

You shouldn’t expect to get any successful results if your audio isn’t well-produced. If your content lacks quality, users are more likely to not come back.

However, one should add a clear call to action in their ads. Whether you want your listeners to visit a website, subscribe to a newsletter, make purchases, register for courses, make it easy for them to follow it.

Inspiration and Success with Best Branded Podcasts

The internet is bombarded with hundreds and thousands of content pieces every minute. The one that sticks with the listeners to inspire and help them grow is rare to find. However, here are some that tell how you can be creative with your content:

shopify masters podcast cover

Shopify Masters is a great resource for entrepreneurs and learners. This covers a wide range of topics, including marketing and sales, product development, customer service, business strategy and finance, and more. The interviews are informative and inspiring, giving something new to learn with each episode.

Some of its most popular episodes are with David Wolfe, Kurt Geiger, Jenna Kutcher, Neil Patel, and Oli Gardner. You can listen to them and find ideas for your current problems. From Launching to scaling, there’s everything you may need.

ideacast podcast cover

As the name suggests, it is produced by Harvard Business Review. HBR IdeaCast conducts interviews with leading business thinkers, covering a wide range of topics. It includes leadership, strategy, innovation, and marketing. Alison Beard hosts this show and has been an executive editor at HBR.

For beginners or business professionals, this is an interesting platform for learners. With interesting talks, you get high-quality content here. Adam Grant, Malcolm Gladwell, Twyla Tharp, Nancy Duarte, and Teresa Amabile are some popular guests of HBR IdeaCast.

freakonomics podcast cover

Co-author of the famous book Freakonomics, Stephen Dubner is a leading name in the business world. He hosts this show weekly, exploring the ‘other side of everything’ through interviews with experts and data analysis.

If you love digging about economics, and business, you’ll find lots of insights that can be applied to your business. They challenge how one thinks and make them see the world in a new way. It's one of the best out there that’ll surely keep you entertained and informed.

how i built this podcast cover

At last, we’ve ‘How I Built This with Guy Raz’. Raz shares the stories of how these giant leading companies started. From their mistakes and success, each episode dives deeply into their past and put everything on the table for the audience.

The episodes are in-depth about their journey from the initial idea to the challenges they faced.

You’ll learn about their business philosophy and their experiences. It’s useful for people who are interested in entrepreneurship and innovation.



Branded content with podcasts can be a revolutionary idea for branding and marketing for your business. However, creating content and uploading doesn’t guarantee success. It requires more than that. You have to be creative with your content and find ways to reach your target audience effectively. Everyone loves quality and so podcast listeners are no exception.

If you have limited resources then use your investment wisely, and put it in making branded podcasts that deliver results. Stay focused on improving and iterating your content with the objective of making your audience informed and entertained.

Are you looking to start a branded podcast to grow your business or personal brand - reach out to us. We are Done For You Podcasts - a full-service Podcast Production Company for experts and entrepreneurs.


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