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How To Pick The Right Podcast Niche For Your Coaching Business

Updated: Feb 8

Choose the exact podcast niche for your coaching business like a pro with these strategic podcast tips.

Podcasting & Business

Picking a podcast niche is one of the initial strategic actions you need to take to make a podcast that supports and grow your coaching business. For coaches who are looking to launch a podcast here are a few things that need brainstorming in the kick-off phase

There is a famous phrase in the sales arena – " If you sell to everyone, You sell to no one "

In the context of Podcasts also it stays as relevant because if a podcast is made for anyone and everyone – it will reach no one.

So we have sorted out a few plans for your podcast to reach the right audience :

Your Unique Voice

Both the one coming out of your vocal cords and the one from your thoughts, persona and values. As a coach, you could be someone who speaks in a very gentle and comforting tone in which case your podcast will have a melodious tune and soothing effect for the listener.

Alternatively, you could be someone who speaks in a charged-up manner thus raising the spirits and energy of the listener. Whatever your real-life persona is….you ought to bring the same authentic self to your podcast.

Existing Personal Brand

Irrespective of the fact that you are a new coach or a seasoned one, working on your brand is a very critical aspect of building your business.

So you certainly have a coaching niche for example – A Mindset coach who helps single moms in the workplace OR a Business Coach helping freelancers build a thriving business. This branding can be extended into your podcast positioning, messaging and listener targeting.

Business Objectives

This is the most important item on the list because your podcast is meant to serve the purpose of helping you grow your business.

So whether you want to promote your webinar, book or digital program, the podcast strategy will align with those end goals. A podcast serves as your media billboard. Niching down to specific business objectives will help get the best results from a podcast.

Legacy You Want To Build

You might say that as a coach, your book is your legacy.

But in today’s digital age, when people are moving away from paper and flipping pages – a podcast serves as the best and most intimate way you can connect with your audience.

Even with a book, a podcast becomes the perfect platform to have ongoing conversations and meaningful discussions around your book and beyond. It is a true legacy you can build for a generation of millennials, X and Zs.

Intended Takeaways For Your Audience

The content strategy and episode planning will rely majorly on the experience and outcomes you want to create for your listeners. After all, they will be devoting the most coveted commodity – their time to you.

So there have to be very well articulated takeaways for the audience – will they feel motivated and inspired after listening to your podcast or do you want them to ponder, reflect and seek answers. Do they get the solutions or do they get stories?

Unique Value Proposition

With 1.2 million podcasts out there and every day thousands more being added, you ought to be creative and stand out.

A podcast is the only medium that allows you to be creative and experimental. So try out new ideas and out-of-the-box podcast format, curation and content. Bring your uniqueness as a coach to your podcast. Have fun with the medium and test out with your audience what they would like to learn from you.

Podcasts Place In Your Business

A podcast can be used as the top of a funnel strategy where you attract a new set of leads and build the know, like and trust factor through value creation.

You can also leverage podcasts in the engage and nurture stage of the sales cycle where you leverage it to build new connections with industry experts, peers or potential clients. The way you position your podcast in your sales cycle will impact its strategy and niche.

G E T Started !

Now that you know all the parameters that need to be taken into consideration in order to create a podcast to support your coaching business, you just need to get started with bringing one to life soon!

And if you feel that you need our skills and support with your podcast launch and management, just Book a call for consultation and we will be happy to help!


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