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Mastering the Art of Crafting Engaging Questions as a Podcast Host

Updated: Feb 8

A podcast's success lies in the ability of the podcast host to hold captivating conversations and engaging interviews that hook the listeners to the show.

How to Craft Engaging Questions for Your Podcast as a podcast host

Podcasting has transformed the way we consume and share information as it has enabled people to fetch content while on the go. Listeners plug into an episode and go on a walk, drive, or workout. When they tune into a show they give it their most priced possessions - their time and attention.

So have you given it a thought as to how you will ensure they stay hooked to your podcast? How does your podcast stand out from the clutter?

The answer is found in the art of asking engaging questions and conducting immersive guest interviews as the podcast host. A well-crafted line of questions can captivate listeners, create a significant impact and leave an indelible impression on the listener's mind.

Let's have a look at the importance of asking engaging questions in a podcast. Whether you're a seasoned podcaster or just starting, understanding how questions impact the dynamics of your show can make a massive difference in attracting your audience and producing a memorable podcasting experience.


  • Captivating Audience Interest

Intriguing questions play a significant impact as they grab the attention and interest of the listeners. When hosts ask thought-provoking questions, it piques the audience's interest, increasing their likelihood of engaging with the podcast and continuing to listen.

As a podcast host, you should know these questions build anticipation and excitement, encouraging listeners to stay engaged throughout the episode.

  • Leading to Meaningful Discussions

Intriguing questions can lead to meaningful discussions and conversations within the podcast. When hosts pose thought-provoking questions, guests are prompted to share more about their experiences, opinions, and thoughts.

This promotes a lively exchange of ideas, allowing the audience to obtain vital knowledge and viewpoints on the topic.

  • Creating Audience Community

Engaging questions inspire audience engagement and conversation. Listeners are more willing to provide feedback, discuss their experiences, and ask follow-up questions about the issue.

This can occur via social media platforms, email, or dedicated forums, fostering a sense of community around the podcast.

  • Memorable Listening Experiences

Podcast episodes that include engaging questions tend to create an impression on listeners. These questions encourage the audience to think critically, reflect on their opinions, and explore opposing points of view.

Intriguing questions produce memorable listening experiences that keep listeners returning for more episodes by inspiring intellectual and emotional involvement.


1. Define your OBJECTIVE

Determine the interview's purpose. Consider why you are interviewing the guest. Is it because you admire them, are interested in their work, or have always wanted to speak with them?

Create a particular goal for the interview that corresponds with your motivation.


Once you have a precise aim, take down any questions that spring to mind.

For example, if your guest is a cricketer, you may have questions about a recent game, a specific shot, or their experiences. Write down any questions that come to mind from your initial ideas.

3. Dive into the DEPTHS

As a podcaster, don't be afraid to tackle challenging and thought-provoking topics. Explore beyond the obvious to find surprising ideas and engage your guests on a deeper level.

You can, for example, inquire about their personal path, problems they encountered, or significant occasions that formed their opinions.

4. Embrace your CURIOSITY

As a podcast host, curiosity is your superpower. Allow it to lead you to unexpected stories and views. To delve deeper into your guests' experiences, don't be hesitant to ask "why" and "how" questions.

This unlocks great content and keeps your audience engaged throughout the program.

Infographic - Impact & Techniques of crafting Intriquing Questions


Some of the questions that most work with any guest are:

  1. What do people often misunderstand about you?

  2. What question should I ask you that I haven't thought of yet?

  3. Share a story about a patient who deeply touched your heart, and another patient who significantly influenced your medical practice.

  4. What things make you feel inspired and bring out your best self?

  5. What is something unexpected that your program achieved for a client?

  6. If you could have a billboard with any message, what would it say and why?

  7. What advice would you give if you could go back in time and talk to your 18-year-old self?

  8. If, in 150 years, science fails to save humanity and the only remaining artifact is a book about your life, what would the title be, and what would the blurb say about you?

  9. What does it mean to you to be "Ridiculously Human?"

These questions will allow the guests to be vulnerable and openly share their experiences which will benefit your listeners. You can also tweak these questions based on your niches or the personality of your guest.


As a podcast host, your questions are crucial in starting meaningful conversations and engaging your audience. Finding a balance between coming up with well-thought-out questions in advance and letting natural conversation flow is essential.

Ensuring that your questions are precise and straightforward to comprehend is a part of improving your questioning abilities. Keep your phrases simple and straightforward to avoid confusing your audience or guests.

It is also important to avoid asking overly simplistic or generic questions that may not stimulate thoughtful responses. For instance, asking, "Tell me about yourself," might not elicit an insightful answer. Instead, consider asking specific questions encouraging guests to delve deeper into their expertise. For example, "What inspired you to pursue your current field?"

While it's essential to come prepared with a set of questions, be open to adapting and deviating from your planned script whenever necessary. Pay close attention to your guest's answers and use them as cues to guide the direction of the conversation.


You can create dynamic and captivating conversations by balancing open-ended and specific questions. Refining this skill over time while considering exceptions based on the podcast's nature and guests also allows for growth and adaptability.


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