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Best Podcasts On Spotify India Hosted By Women

From insightful discussions to personal stories, women-led podcasts offer a unique space for diverse perspectives, showcasing their talent and making a lasting impact globally.

Best podcasts hosted by woman in spotify

In the ever-expanding realm of podcasts, it's inspiring to witness the rise of women who have embarked on their podcasting journeys, contributing unique perspectives and voices to this dynamic medium. Beyond just a form of entertainment, podcasts have become a powerful platform for women to showcase their expertise, share stories, and engage with audiences worldwide.

The surge in podcast popularity is evident, with 464.7 million people currently tuning in globally. A 2019 report by ShePodcasts states that 46% of this figure are women listeners who tend to have a preference for women podcast hosts. Projections indicate that this number is set to reach 500 million by the end of 2025. Within this surge, women have emerged as influential contributors, establishing themselves as creators and hosts of podcasts that resonate with diverse audiences. These women-led podcasts are some of the best podcasts on Spotify India that cover a spectrum of topics, showcasing the depth of talent and knowledge that women bring to the medium. From insightful discussions on current events to intimate conversations about personal experiences, these podcasts offer a unique space for women to share their perspectives and achievements. In essence, podcasts have become a powerful tool for women to amplify their voices, connect with audiences, and make a lasting impact in the content creation landscape. As we witness this surge in podcast listenership, it's exciting to see women at the forefront, shaping the narrative and achieving remarkable milestones in the world of podcasting.

In a world where information seamlessly integrates into our daily routines, it becomes crucial to spotlight influential women making significant contributions to business, well-being, and health through their impactful and supportive podcasts. Whether you're breaking a sweat on the treadmill, tidying up the house, or navigating the commute home from work, these podcasts by women are a must-listen. Dive into the world of women through the powerful medium of podcasting and gain insights that resonate with your daily life.

Fat so podcast cover art

Sakshi and Naina delve into the unfiltered world of dating, hook-ups, and complex relationships. Brace yourself for humorous insights, including Sakshi's near encounter with a kidnapper and Naina's candid exploration of serious mommy issues. It's an entertaining journey through life's unpredictable moments.

Whats up sisters podcast cover art

During the global epidemic, when we all required some upbeat reading material, the blogger sister team of Kritika and Deeksha Khurrana launched their amusing podcast in the segment of Podcasting for business. Every Monday, they publish a new episode where they talk about everything from adult relationships to heartbreak to children and professions. What's Up Sister comes strongly recommended if you're searching for an everyday dose of lady chat.

Desi Outsiders Podcast cover

Career Uninterrupted is a pioneering platform that is committed to keeping women's careers uninterrupted as it explores the evolving landscape of careers and transitions.  Hosted by Lochan Narayanan and presented by OfExperiences, the podcast is dedicated to unearthing the multifaceted issues that influence women's professional paths.

Join discussions with ecosystem enablers, business leaders, and influencers who are championing women at work. "Career Uninterrupted" serves as a platform to bring together stakeholders impacting a woman's career trajectory, fostering a community that understands, empathizes, and advocates for uninterrupted careers for women.

Respectfully disagree podcast cover art

The Mumbai-based podcast, The Swaddle, explores and discusses a range of family, society, gender, and health-related issues. The host of this weekly podcast, Srishti Malhotra, focuses on the various viewpoints that individuals can have on an issue and how they can respectfully disagree. They discuss hot-button issues like the value of royalty in contemporary society and deeper moral issues like the right method to eat meat.

Vision-Nari podcast

As much as we enjoy the name's pun, we also appreciate that host Swati Rawat highlights lesser-known women who have accomplished inspirational things in their professions.

To find out about the lives, ideas, and ambitions of women leaders, business owners, and visionaries in a variety of professions, Vision-Nari shines a spotlight on them.

Being a frequent podcast listener, Swati observed that few Indian women appear on the cover of 30 Under 30, likely because they do not receive the credit they deserve. Thus, Vision-Nari was created, and it is currently a big hit!

To get motivated and discover your professional calling, you may subscribe to this podcast on Spotify.

Skill Up with Chet Chat Podcast

'Skill Up with ChetChat Podcast' hosted by Chetna Vasishth. It's a goldmine of insights covering success secrets, productivity, career advice, personality development, learning English, study tips, and more. Chetna's diverse career brings a unique perspective, making this podcast your go-to for practical advice and inspiration. It's like having a mentor in your ear, guiding you to 'be better' and 'achieve more.'

NRI woman podcast cover

Launched in 2017, NRI Woman originated as a Facebook group for South Asian NRI women, addressing the challenges of relocation and assimilation. The accompanying podcast, hosted by Bettina Tauro and Ninorah Brookshire, explores crucial topics like addiction, forging connections, single-parenting, and mental well-being. Notably, Ninorah is a co-founder of the Naya Jeevan Foundation, providing support for Indian women and girls affected by sexual abuse.

The Sanskaari Saas Podcast cover

A guide that explores a variety of topics each week. Whether it's tackling debt, navigating the stock market, understanding gold, or demystifying mutual funds, this podcast is designed to improve your financial wellness. But that's not all! The host is ready to answer your money questions, making it a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to enhance their financial knowledge. It's not just a podcast; it's a personalized journey to financial empowerment.

Chuski Pop

Chuski Pop podcast cover

Sweety and Pappu's twice-weekly podcast Chuski Pop includes a few of the most famous people in the entertainment industry and covers a wide range of topics. It's like opening up to your best friend when you listen to these hosts.

This podcast has it all, from talking man buns to problems encountered by the LGBTQ+ community, all with humor and good times.

Oh, and Sweety and Pappu also create beautiful artwork that is available for sale on their website in addition to curating audio material for Indian ladies.



It becomes clear that they are more than just audio content; they are platforms for women to amplify their voices, share their experiences, and shape the narrative. Whether discussing body image, relationships, or societal expectations, each podcast is a space for connection, empowerment, and celebration of the diverse journeys women undertake. Podcasts offer an excellent way to unwind and savor your solitary moments. If you're eager to stay updated on the latest trends and trending topics, these podcasts are tailor-made for you.

There are no rigid rules for crafting universally popular content. With varied preferences among podcast enthusiasts, there exists an audience for a myriad of content styles and presentations. Engaging with podcasts as a listener is a gratifying experience, mirroring the enjoyment derived from creating them. So, whether you're behind the mic or tuning in, the podcasting landscape invites you to explore, connect, and revel in the diverse tapestry of audio storytelling.

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