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Make the SmartMove

"Your first or next move to the UK is made effortless as you get all your questions answered inside the business journeys, immigrant stories, and expert insights shared on this podcast by the host Falguni Y Parekh, a highly acclaimed Solicitor and Founder Partner at The SmartMove2UK (a unit of SmartMove Immigration).

On this show, trailblazers who have created massive success and established a business in the UK chat with Falguni to share their thought leadership, expansion advice, and business lessons for entrepreneurs looking to expand their business overseas. We also share with you the analysis and implications of the most up-to-date UK immigration news, policy changes, issues of concern, and advisory that impacts your UK immigration and mobility.

Make your SmartMove to UK from anywhere in the world. Know all about it on this show from the UK Immigration Expert & Lawyer Falguni Y Parekh."

Listen to the podcast

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