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Fierce & Fearless

A podcast experience tailor-made for the modern woman who's all about juggling the many facets of life with finesse. Motherhood, Fitness, Nutrition, Entrepreneurship, and Mental health - we cover it all because we firmly believe that you deserve and can have it all!

Joining forces are your trusty co-hosts, Sonali Saraogi Singh, a seasoned food and beverages connoisseur and the brilliant mind behind Feed Smart, and Zoe Modgill, a fitness dynamo and the creator of Stronger with Zoe - an online fitness platform for women.

Together, they bring a wealth of authentic, diverse experiences to the table. Expect engaging discussions, practical advice, and expertly crafted answers to your burning questions. Oh, and did we mention they love to inject loads of fun and friendly banter into the mix?

Listen to the podcast

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